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Pakistani Journalists win defamation case in UK

The News International’s London correspondent Murtaza Ali Shah and his brother Mujtaba Ali Shah have won a defamation case in UK High Court.

The Shah Brothers were defamed by England and Wales Solicitor Ajaz Ahmed, his law firm pure legal solicitors, and Raja Usman Arshad, son of Raja Arshad.

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According to UK High Court’s senior Judge Justice Collins Rice’s ruling, Murtaza Ali Shah and Syed Mujtaba Ali Shah were slandered by England and Wales solicitor Ajaz Ahmed, his law firm Pure Legal Solicitors, and Raja Usman Arshad, son of Raja Arshad, who was convicted of murdering British Pakistani national Barrister Fahad Malik.

Murtaza Ali Shah and Mujtaba Ali Shah were both granted legal costs and £75,000 in damages by Justice Collins Rice.

The defendants had several chances to settle the case outside of court through negotiations, but they opted to abuse the legal system by refusing to engage for nearly three years.

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The legal battle began on January 5, 2019, with a press conference held in London by the law firm Pure Legal Solicitors regarding the 2016 murder in Islamabad of British Pakistani Barrister Fahad Malik.

Following the conference, Ajaz Ahmed and Raja Usman used WhatsApp and social media platforms to make numerous provably untrue, slandering, and serious allegations against the journalists, accusing them of orchestrating the assassination attempt on behalf of Jawad Sohrab Malik, Fahad Malik’s brother.


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