Pakistani student at Cambridge University introduces tipping model for artisans

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    A Pakistani student studying Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Cambridge University has introduced a groundbreaking tipping model that benefits industrial professionals. Owais Shah has pioneered a unique tipping system through his social venture called “Duvita.” This system allows customers to tip the artisans and craftsmen who create the products they purchase.

    In Shah’s online venture, customers have the option to tip along with the price of the products they buy. They enter the desired tip amount and proceed with the payment. What sets this model apart is that the company matches the customer’s tip, ensuring that the artisans and skilled workers receive financial benefits. Shah was inspired to start this venture after witnessing unprecedented inflation, which reached 40 percent in May.

    Rehan Siddiqui, a customer who experienced the tipping system while shopping at Shah’s venture, expressed his appreciation for the concept. He found the idea of tipping artisans and craftspeople touching, as he had previously only tipped salesmen in showrooms and shops. This new way of tipping brought him greater satisfaction, knowing he was directly supporting the rightful recipients.

    Khalid Nay, an artisan who has been crafting shoes for 25 years, shared his gratitude for being tipped for the first time. The tips received from customers and the company have increased his income by 20 per cent, helping him cope with the rising inflation. Shah hopes that other companies will adopt similar tipping systems based on his successful experience. In Pakistan, tipping is traditionally practised only after meals in restaurants, but this innovative tipping model has the potential to encourage artisans and craftsmen in various sectors.

    By revolutionizing the concept of tipping, Owais Shah’s social venture aims to empower and uplift the financial well-being of skilled professionals, providing them with deserved recognition and support.