Pakistani student studying in Canada reported missing

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A Pakistani student, enrolled at the Wilfrid Laurier Brantford campus in Canada, has reportedly disappeared, prompting concerns for his safety.

According to an Instagram account with the handle @umama, the student’s sister posted that her brother has been missing since August 5.

In her Instagram statement, she mentioned, “I’m from Pakistan, and in April, my brother went to Canada for his studies (on his own). He’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Wilfrid Laurier Brantford campus.”

She further shared, “We used to communicate with him daily, but on August 5, we lost contact. His phone was switched off, he wasn’t at his apartment, but all his belongings were there except his mobile phone. A relative of ours in Toronto filed a missing report on our behalf.”

“Later, the Brantford police informed us that his last location was at Niagara Falls and directed us to contact the Niagara Falls police. Upon reaching out to them, they conveyed that they possess his belongings and a video showing him jumping off a bridge,” the victim sister added.

“However, they would only share the details with the individual who filed the complaint. To date, they haven’t shown us any evidence, and now they claim to have no video confirmation. Now we are hoping he might be in the custody of either an American or Canadian agency. If anyone has contacts in the police department or any agency, please assist us. He’s my only brother, and our parents are devastated. We are helpless being so far away. We would greatly appreciate your help, even if it’s just to confirm he’s alive and well.”

She implored readers to provide any information they might have about her missing brother to help their family during this distressing time.

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