Pakistani tiktoker Ayesha refutes rumors of her death

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Ayesha, a Pakistani TikToker and dancer who gained attention on social media with her dance on the song “Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja,” has refuted the news of her death circulating on social media.

Last week, some individuals abandoned a girl’s dead body at Jinnah Hospital in Karachi and fled the scene. According to hospital authorities, the girl was identified as Ayesha, who was a TikToker. She was 18 years old and was in critical condition when she was brought to the hospital.

After this news surfaced, some pages on social media claimed that she was the same girl who danced to the song “Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja” and became viral. Due to these rumors, incorrect impressions were formed in people’s minds. In response, the TikToker herself clarified the situation.

Ayesha shared a story on her Instagram account, stating that this post was sent to her by one of her friends.

In her second Instagram story, TikToker Ayesha wrote that it has been stated in this news that she has died. Please, you have no idea how deeply such news can impact someone’s life.

Ayesha mentioned in her story that she does not want to spread any sensationalism. Why are you all trying to make my life difficult? Those spreading false news don’t even know my real name.

Expressing her anger, she further wrote that such news should come to an end.

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