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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Pakistani Ulema to visit Afghanistan to stop cross-border enmity

The district administration announced on Sunday that a delegation of four Pakistani Ulema will travel to Afghanistan to put an end to the cross-border enmity there following an attack by Afghan soldiers that left one civilian dead and 15 others injured.

The Afghan border soldiers fired heavy weapons indiscriminately and without provocation at the civilian sector in Chaman city, Balochistan, for the second time in five days.

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Multiple artillery rounds were reportedly launched at the civilian population in the Boghra Road and Custom House sectors by the Afghan side, to which the Pakistani government appropriately retaliated, according to Levies officials.

According to the Chaman district government, the Ulema team will meet with representatives of the Afghan ministry of defence in Kandahar and Kabul and have talks with important Taliban figures.

They said that the departure of the Ulema group caused the flag meeting of the Pakistani and Afghan border security troops to be postponed.

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In the meantime, life had returned to normal on both sides of the Chaman boundary.

The medical director reported that between December 11 and December 15, artillery munitions fired by Afghan forces resulted in at least nine civilian deaths and more than 45 civilian injuries.

According to him, the victims of the cross-border incident are receiving medical care.


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