Pakistan’s Captain Babar Azam makes into ‘Fab 5’

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Babar Azam has finally been welcomed into the illustrious “Fab 5” by Star Sports, joining the ranks of contemporary batting greats like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, and Steve Smith. This is a big acknowledgment to his outstanding performance.

Babar has already cemented his status as one of the cricketing heavyweights of the contemporary era with a string of elegant and match-winning performances with the bat. The “Fab 5” recognition is evidence of his expanding impact on the global stage.

The graceful Pakistani batsman has constantly delivered top-tier performances, garnering praise on a worldwide scale. He is recognized for his spectacular cover drives and record-breaking career thus far. Babar’s ascension has been rapid, and this most recent recognition confirms his status as one of the greatest modern figures.

Making such a distinction is difficult. The bar for outstanding batting in this period has long been established by Kohli’s aggressive domination, Williamson’s cool accuracy, Root’s technical mastery, and Smith’s unconventional brilliance. Babar has carved himself his own place thanks to his temperament and skillful shot-making, earning him this well-deserved acclaim.

Cricket fans are in for a treat as they see the “Fab 5” in action, further establishing this era as the greatest age of batting, with the World Cup 2023 only around the corner.