Pakistan’s first-ever ‘Centre for Aesthetic Medicine’ launched at UOL

The University of Lahore (UOL) has become the first academic institution in Pakistan to set up a dedicated educational “Centre for Aesthetic Medicine” aimed to provide doctors and healthcare professionals across different medical faculties, the opportunity to learn, develop, and become masterfully skilled in the ever-evolving field of Medical Aesthetics.

In its commitments to excellence, Awais Raoof (Chairman, BoG, UOL) collaborated with Mr. Jawad Qureshi who is the founder of multiple healthcare startups like 3D Lifestyle Centre of Medical Aesthetics & KKT International Orthopedic Spine Centers in Pakistan & Canada and Academy of Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine (AARM) to lay the foundation of Pakistan’s first-ever Centre for Aesthetic Medicine.

For this purpose, the UOL launched two Medical Aesthetics Diploma Programs (Basic, level -1) and (Advance, Level – 2) and became the first ever Pakistani university to teach students over 30 of the most advanced Treatment Modules. These courses will provide expertise in the ever evolving Aesthetics landscape with three months of hands-on learning with 150 tuition hours and 15 days of internships at renowned Medical Aesthetic Clinics nationwide.

Raoof and Qureshi joined hands to provide professionals in the healthcare a gateway to marvel aesthetics practice, knowledge and expertise, through a series of first-ever UOL’s medical aesthetics diploma certification programs designed specifically for all who have an unfathomable passion for beauty and wellness.

Being as a serial start up entrepreneur, Qureshi draws on his philanthropic ambition to standardize practices of graduating students with countless hours of clinical internships by bringing the best for the students at a university level of teaching.

In this regard, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between UOL, Jawad Qureshi and the AARM was held earlier June 8, 2022 at the UOL Main Defence Road Campus. During the ceremony, it was highlighted that the diploma instructors will include renowned physicians, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons, and consultant facial aesthetic surgeons from the foreign faculty practitioners who are master injectors from Europe and North America.

The senior foreign faculty will come to Pakistan to pass on their skill sets to the students giving them the opportunity to benefit from these programs by being at par with North American Medical Aesthetic certifications. This will lead graduating students to have a lucrative profession at reputable medispas & clinics, and with the dedicated instructors of AARM hand holding them so they can amplify their journey to a booming clinical practice let alone helping some students to pave the path to working opportunities in foreign countries.

At the occasion, Raoof said, “The goal of this initiative is to deliver in-depth hands-on Medical Aesthetics training with a strong emphasis on safety and learning covering all modules, for this we have chosen Fahad Usman to lead with his team of local and international physicians, practitioners and surgeons in our newly formed Center for Aesthetic Medicine.”

On his part, Qureshi said, “I have set up dozens of clinics across Pakistan and in my pursuit to providing patient excellence, I realized that Pakistani healthcare professionals are some of the most talented individuals. The landscape needs to embrace the newly emerging field of Medical Aesthetics. We are offering hands-on learning through engagement in quality short diploma programs with internships at reputable clinics so patients can desire optimal results for the money they spend.”

“The healthcare professionals need to keep doing these refresher diplomas on a constant basis to keep updated with modern-day innovations, hence elevating their skill sets,” he added.

Dr. Fahad Usman (Medical Director, Center of Aesthetic Medicine) said that the mission is to produce medical aesthetic professionals who prioritize patient safety first and are effective, and successful in the practice of non-surgical treatments as well as injectables (botox, dermal fillers, PDO Threads), medical and non-medical grade facials, lasers, chemical peels, and PRP rejuvenation treatments.

“Our training model is designed to enhance student competence and confidence so they may get a high-paying job or enter their private practice early while also mastering required skills. Our classes are led by international trainers and renowned medical professionals who are doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and consultant facial aesthetic surgeons,” he added.