Pakpattan Police continue operation against drug dealers

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On the instructions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab, Pakpattan police have continued its grand operation against the drug peddlers, in which 202 accused were arrested besides seizing of more than 187 kg drugs worth 11.8 million rupees during last two months.
DPO Pakpattan Tariq Wilayat sharing the statistics about crackdown said that zero tolerance policy was being implemented against those involved in trade and use of narcotics, adding the accused would not be allowed to roam freely in the city under any circumstances.
He said that during the operation, 202 drug dealers were arrested, while more than 187 kilograms of drugs including 24.270 kg hashish, 2.230 kg opium, 1.860 kg heroin, 52 grams of ice and a total of 38.880 kg of drugs, worth about 11.8 million were recovered from the accused.
During the crackdown, Qaboola police Pakpattan has arrested 28 drugs peddlers besides recovering 38.880 kilograms drugs including 24.270 kg hashish, 2.230 kg opium, 1.860 kg heroin and 52 gram ice and registered 28 cases against them. The accused included Pervaiz, Muhammad Irfan, Javed, Babar Ali, Muhammad Bilal, Nasira Bibi and others, he added.
City Arifwala police station arrested 26 drug dealers and registered 26 cases against drug dealers. Among the 26 drug dealers arrested were Abdul Rehman, Rabnawaz, Muhammad Naveed, Rustam Ali, Waseem, Muhammad Afzal, Shafqat, Mehndi Hasan, Khalid, Shahbaz, Zohaib and others, whereas 25 kg hashish were recovered from them.
Sadar Pakpattan police arrested a total of 20 drug dealers and registered 20 cases while conducting operations against drug dealers. Muhammad Ayub, Haroon, Ghulam Hussain, Sakina Bibi, Fayyaz Ahmed, Sher Khan, Ghulam Haider, Muhammad Mumtaz, Rasheed Ahmed and others were among the arrested drug dealers, while a total of 19.520 kg of hashish was recovered.
Sadar Arifwala police while registering 17 cases arrested 17 drug dealers including Iqbal, Muhammad Irfan, Sakhi Muhammad, Zakir Hussain, Muhammad Ehsan, Rani Bibi, Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Mehboob, Amar Khan and Muhammad Bilal besides seizing drugs of 17.700 kg including 16 kg hashish and 1.7 kg opium.
Similarly, Ahmed Yar police station also arrested 17 drug dealers and registered 17 cases while taking action against drug dealers including Liaqat Ali, Ali Raza, Naeem, Ghulam Rasool, Mazhar, Moin, Ghulam Murtaza, Ansar and others, while a total of 15.820 kilograms of hashish, 550 kilograms opium and a total of 16.370 kilograms of drugs were recovered from them.
City Pakpattan police station arrested 22 drug dealers including Abu Sufyan, Muhammad Sarfraz, Aqeel Tahir, Muhammad Jameel, Ghulam Sarwar, Raju, Mukhtiar Ahmed, Muhammad Javed, Muhammad Akbar and Muhammad Yusuf and also registered 22 cases against them. A total of 17.740 kg of hashish was recovered from the accused.
Farid Nagar police station arrested 18 drug dealers and registered 18 cases against them. Among the arrested drug dealers were Muhammad Mukhtar, Muhammad Latif, Muhammad Imran, Umar Daraz, Muhammad Akhtar, Allah Dutta, Ali Sher, Muhammad Shakeel, Shahzeb and others while a total of 13.950 kg of hashish was recovered.
Malka Hans police arrested a total of 15 drug dealers and registered 15 cases while the arrested accused included Waqas, Abdul Majeed, Muhammad Arshad, Maqsood Ahmed, Nadeem, Muhammad Ashraf, Naeem Abbas and Muhammad Imran,. A total of 11.855 kg of hashish was recovered from them, the DPO said.
Kalyana police station arrested 13 drug dealers and registered 13 cases while taking action against drug dealers during the last 2 months. Accused namely Saeed Ahmed, Shan Ali, Sajjad Hussain, Muhammad Zahid, Haider Ali, Khan Muhammad, Amanat Ali, Allah Rakha, Yasin, Muhammad Salim and Muhammad Aamir were among the arrested drug dealers, whereas a total of 10.415 kg of hashish was recovered from their possession.
Chakbedi police station arrested a total of 14 drug dealers and registered 14 cases. The arrested accused included Mukhtiar Ahmed, Fakhr Hayat, Muhammad Hasan, Murad Ali, Muhammad Salim, Ghulam Farid, Amir Farooq, Nisar Ahmed, Muhammad Akhtar and Qasim Ali, while a total of 9.484 kg of hashish was recovered from them.
Rangshah police station arrested nine drug dealers in nine cases besides recovering 6.100 kg of hashish. The arrested accused included Muhammad Ammar, Mahmood Ali, Khan Muhammad, Muhammad Sarwar, Muhammad Hayat, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Shabbir and Usman.
DPO Pakpattan Tariq Wilayat said that operations against drug dealers were continued and would remain in progress to eliminate the scourge of drugs from society. Pakpattan Police was striving hard to save its young generation from drugs, he added.