Pakpattan police recovers cash, valuables worth Rs. 37 million from criminals

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The District Police Pakpattan held a simple yet significant ceremony at the DPO office to hand over cash and valuable items worth over 37 million recovered from 17 criminals.

DPO Tariq Wallayat personally oversaw the event, where the recovered items worth over Rs. 37 million were returned to their rightful owners. These items were seized from five gangs of criminals during the month of June, showcasing the relentless efforts of the District Police in combating crime and ensuring public safety.

Among the recovered items were a significant amount of hard cash, 66 motorcycles, a corolla car, two tractors, two trawlers, and gold ornaments. Additionally, the police also seized loader rickshaws, buffaloes, a sileage machine, solar plates, and mobile phones, all of which were restored to their respective owners.

In their continued fight against drug trafficking, the Pakpattan police apprehended and arrested 173 drug paddlers during the month of June. As a result, 100 kilograms of charas and approximately 400 liters of alcohol were successfully recovered, contributing to the ongoing efforts to combat the drug menace in the district.

Furthermore, the District Police Pakpattan also booked 113 individuals for possessing illicit weapons, sending a strong message against the illegal possession and use of firearms. As part of these operations, two Kalashnikovs, four rifles, 16 guns, 97 pistols, and 2,854 bullets were seized, highlighting the police’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the citizens.

The recent success in recovering cash and valuables worth over Rs. 37 million follows the exceptional performance of the Pakpattan police in April and May, where they were able to recover assets amounting to over Rs. 80 million.

During the ceremony, DPO Tariq Wallayat commended the efforts of the District Police Pakpattan and expressed his gratitude to the officers for their unwavering dedication and commitment to serving the community. He emphasized their pledge to continue working diligently to maintain law and order in the district and assured the public that the police force is fully devoted to safeguarding their lives and property.

The District Police Pakpattan remains steadfast in its mission to create a secure and peaceful environment for all residents. Through such successful operations and ongoing efforts, the police department aims to foster a sense of trust, collaboration, and harmony within the community.