Parliament passes resolution to reject SC elections ruling

The National Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution opposing the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Punjab elections delay case, which was made by a three-judge panel.

The ECP’s decision to push back the elections in the province from April 30 to October 8 was overturned by the top court on April 4. The court stated that the decision was “unconstitutional, lacking in legal authority or jurisdiction, void ab-initio, [and] of no legal effect.”

In a cabinet meeting yesterday, the prime minister referred to the choice as a “mockery of the Constitution and law” and declared it could not be put into effect.

The National Assembly echoed that sentiment today when it voted a resolution rejecting the Supreme Court’s decision from April 4 and encouraged the prime minister to disregard it.

Legislator Khalid Magsi of the Balochistan Awami Party proposed the motion, which was then read out on the chamber’s floor.

The prime minister left the meeting after only a brief appearance shortly after the resolution was adopted.