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Parvez Elahi rails at federal govt for playing politics with flood victims

CM says rehabilitation activities will continue until resettlement of all displaced persons

Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi on Monday said that the provincial government had taken timely steps for the rehabilitation of the flood victims.

Along with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority and Rescue 1122, the district administration also worked hard to help the flood victims, he said in a statement. “The families of those who died due to floods and rains have been given financial assistance of one million per person. Dry ration has also been provided to more than 168,000 victims, while more than 5,000 blankets and 44,000 plus tents have been distributed to flood victims,” he said. More than 1,400 rescue boats participated in relief activities to transport flood victims to safe places and 34,000 bags of flour were also distributed among the victims, he mentioned. Similarly, more than 23,000 mosquito nets and 21,000 life jackets have also been provided. Alongside this, lakhs of animals have been vaccinated, he further said.

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The CM said that the financial assistance has been increased to compensate for the damages to the houses and livestock by the floods. The Punjab government has not been given a penny for the rehabilitation of the flood victims by the federal government; he regretted, and noted that the Punjab government is performing the duty of rehabilitating the flood victims with its own resources. It also sent a medical relief mission to help the flood victims of Sindh and Balochistan, while 2 mobile health units were sent to the flood-affected areas of Sindh, the CM said.

The Punjab government was helping the victims while rising above politics. He lamented that the federal government was playing politics with the flood victims, which was unfortunate. “Despite being in London, I am aware of the progress on the rehabilitation measures of the victims daily and rehabilitation activities will continue until the resettlement of the flood victims,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Elahi expressed satisfaction over the best arrangements for celebrations of Eid Miladun Nabi (PBUH) and congratulated the administration, police and law enforcement agencies in this regard.

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He appreciated the performance of the cabinet committee on law and order. Due to foolproof arrangements of the Punjab government, the celebrations were held in a peaceful environment throughout the province, he said, and noted that untiring efforts were made to maintain atmosphere of peace and harmony.

The line departments performed their duties diligently to protect the life and property of people, he said. The way the departments worked as a team was commendable, he added. “We will have to work with the same determination in future to protect the life and properties of people,” he added.



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