Patriotic Grandeur: Flags and Lights Illuminate Alhamra’s Spirit

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The Lahore Arts Council has taken the lead in celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day with a burst of excitement at Alhamra. The venue is adorned with patriotic fervor and splendor.

A massive green crescent flag measuring 30×64 feet proudly waves at the Alhamra Mall Complex to mark this special occasion. Another impressive 20×50 feet flag graces the Alhamra Cultural Complex. Not to be left behind, the iconic Alhamra building itself is bathed in a vibrant interplay of white and green lights, symbolizing the nation’s unity.

Executive Director Alhamra, Mr. Muhammad Saleem Sagar, said that the significance of August 14 is a milestone in Pakistan’s history. Mr. Sagar pays tribute to the brave martyrs who secured the cherished blessing of freedom through Tehreek-e-Pakistan.

Alhamra is also gearing up for an Azadi show on August 11. Renowned artists, including Malko, Aman Ali, Sara Tahir, and Hasan Ali, will grace the stage with their melodious voices, enhancing the celebratory spirit.

An artistic touch is in store with a live painting competition scheduled for August 10 at Alhamra Cultural Complex. Beyond this, a series of events awaits, including flag hoisting, national song performances, invigorating walks, exhibitions, and captivating shows.

All these come together for a vibrant and festive celebration of Independence Day.