PCB realizes mistake, unveils new Cricket History promo with inclusion of Imran Khan

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In the wake of criticism following the omission of former captain Imran Khan from a video centered around Pakistan cricket’s historical moments, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has acknowledged its error.

The PCB now released a fresh promo spotlighting Pakistan’s cricket history, in which Imran Khan has been rightfully featured.

On August 14, the PCB shared a video on social media, showcasing significant and memorable cricket events and milestones spanning from 1952 to the present. However, conspicuous by his absence in the entire video was Imran Khan, the sole captain to lead Pakistan to a Cricket World Cup victory in 1992. This led to an outcry from viewers, who raised concerns about the oversight and expressed disappointment over Imran Khan’s exclusion.

Additionally, fans took issue with the initial promo for not highlighting Pakistan’s Test Championship victory and the accomplishments of the women’s cricket team.

Nevertheless, in response to the criticism, the PCB swiftly rectified the situation by releasing a new promo celebrating Pakistan cricket’s history. This revamped version prominently features Imran Khan’s video clips and images, capturing the moment he lifted the World Cup trophy.

In the new promo, Imran Khan can be seen triumphantly holding the World Cup trophy, encapsulating his pivotal role in Pakistan’s cricket history.

The revised promo also highlights the achievements of the Pakistan women’s cricket team in the Asian Games, along with showcasing Nida Dar’s record-breaking feat of 100 wickets.

Furthermore, the PCB also included footage of Mohammad Abbas’ Test match success in the revamped video.

This move came as a concerted effort to rectify the initial oversight and ensure that the contributions of key individuals and teams are appropriately recognized in Pakistan cricket’s history.