Pentagon declares leak of sensitive US data, threat to national security

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United States Department Pentagon described the leak of highly sensitive US documents as a serious threat to national security.

Recently, a secret plan between the United States and NATO was released on a social networking website.

The US plan included information about arming Ukraine to attack Russia, the war plan also mentioned the extraordinary deaths of Ukrainians.

According to reports, these documents claimed 71,500 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in the war so far, while 16,000 to 17,000 Russian soldiers had been killed in the war.

Additionally, according to classified papers, nine out of the 12 brigades in Ukraine were armed by the US.

Pentagon spokesman Chris McGuire said that the information contained in the documents could kill people. He added, “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was briefed on April 6 about these documents.”

According to a Pentagon spokesman, the Justice Department had been investigating how the documents were leaked while the Pentagon team had been determining if the records were authentic or not.