‘People think we only get decked up and look pretty’: Saboor Aly on having to perform fatal sequences

Actress Saboor Aly has recently introduced her fans to the difficult times at shoot which performers have to go through, which she believes is the reality behind the glitz and glamour that unfortunately comes as the only thing to be associated with actors.

Aly shared a few photos and a video from the sets of her currently running serial ‘Nehar’ which showed her along with Shafaat Ali posing in front of real fire in order to bring about a catchy poster for their serial. In the video, the prop set on fire could also be seen falling on Saboor, as a result of which the video had to be brought to a halt and the team had to do another take.

By showing this, Saboor wanted to tell the general public that at times, actors put their lives at risk only to make their scenes as much interesting and intense for their viewers as possible. This is how Saboor Aly’s caption went:

“Most people think we only get decked up and look pretty but reality is [a] bit different. In our line of work we work really hard, scenes like these happen every now and then, being an actor requires a lot of hard work and dangerous stunts as well. It’s not just glamour.”