Petrol prices climbed by Rs116 per liter in 2023 alone

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Since the beginning of the current year, the cost of petrol in Pakistan has increased by more than 116 rupees a liter.

Petrol cost Rs 214.80 per liter at the beginning of the year; it is currently Rs 331.38 per litre, an increase of Rs 116.58.

During the same time period, the cost of high-speed diesel has also sharply increased. High-speed diesel was formerly priced at Rs. 227.80 per liter, but it has since increased by Rs. 101.38 to Rs. 329.18 per litre.

Since August 15 under the caretaker regime, the cost of petrol has increased by Rs. 58.43 per litre, while the cost of high-speed diesel has increased by Rs. 55.84 per liter.

The caretaker government raised the price of petrol by Rs. 17.50 per liter on August 15 while increasing the cost of high-speed diesel by Rs. 20 per liter. The cost of petrol increased by 14.91 rupees per liter and the cost of high-speed diesel increased by 18.44 rupees per liter on September 1.

The price of petrol increased by Rs. 26.02 per liter to Rs. 331.38 in the most recent review of petroleum pricing, which experienced the largest increase. The cost of high-speed diesel increased similarly, going from Rs. 329.18 a liter to Rs. 17.34.


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