Petrol pump dealers to go on strike from Saturday

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Petroleum dealers have announced a countrywide strike starting Saturday, July 22, for an indefinite period, demanding an increase in their profit margin from the current 2.4% to 5%. Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association Chairman, Abdul Sami Khan, stated that the consumer price index had increased by 38%, leading to a spike in electricity and utility rates due to the Kibor rate. As a result, the dealer’s commission on petrol has evaporated, and they feel ignored by the government.

Khan pointed out that his association, with over 10,000 members, had an agreement in 1999 for a 5% profit margin, which was later reduced to 4% in 2004. The current profit margin of Rs6 per litre leaves them with only 2.4%, which is unacceptable to the petroleum dealers.

Despite approaching State Minister Musadik Malik and publishing appeals in major newspapers, they received no concrete response. Additionally, dealers face challenges from smuggled Iranian petrol and diesel being sold freely, causing a drop in their sales by at least 30%.

In light of these issues, petrol pumps across the country will be shut down on July 22 at 6 am.


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