Phenomenal response

The attractions offered by the Pakistani pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 have pulled large crowds exceeding over 0.1 million in just 18 days, which is a arguably a big achievement. The statistics are envious and organizers deserve appreciation for the event. There is a need to search for more such opportunities to exploit the real potential of the country reeling under a severe financial crisis. There is a no dearth of opportunities for investors to make good use of their wealth by promoting their business in various sectors. Main attraction at the Pakistani pavilion was the game-changing design of the pavilion’s façade that took both the Expo organisers and visitors by storm.  Under the theme ‘The Hidden Treasure’, with an inviting façade and an immersive walk-through experience, the pavilion aimed to showcase Pakistan’s vast opportunities in tourism and commerce and investment to the expected 25 million global audiences.

Arguably, this is a first step towards attracting investment in the country. Pakistan needs to tap these opportunities by proper follow up. Only the turning up of visitors is not enough, taking concrete steps to bringing these investors in Pakistan would be the real big achievement.  In the current age, the business scenario is changing at a rapid pace. The world has turned into a global digital village, where contacts are being developed worldwide. Different cultures and communities are intermingling and remain in search of places to live and make their fortunes. Pakistan offers ideal climate as it has all four seasons, rich natural resources with tourism attractions and vast industrial scope as well as it has a strategically important geographical location. However, this amalgam of resources has not been fully exploited yet. Government needs to fully take benefit of this potential and earn much needed foreign exchange. There is a need to create an atmosphere where no one feels hesitation to come and make an investment in the land of pure. Work needs to be done at a larger scale at the government level for formulating such policies that facilitate the business community in Pakistan and overseas. Hopefully, the Dubai expo will open new avenues of investment in Pakistan.