PIA airliner flies into Indian airspace due to adverse weather

Due to severe weather, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airliner entered Indian airspace.

The national airline’s flight PK-248, which left Muscat at 8 p.m. on May 4, reportedly touched down in Lahore. Although the pilot attempted to land at Allama Iqbal Airport, the plane was unable to do so owing to severe rain.

The pilot left the boundaries of the Budhana police station in Punjab on the orders of the air traffic controller, but because of the severe rain and low altitude, the flight path changed, and it eventually entered Indian airspace. The PIA aircraft flew 125 km across Indian Punjab during its 10-minute stopover in Indian airspace before returning to Pakistan.

Contact was made between Lahore and Delhi Area Control during the flight in Indian airspace due to the PIA plane’s poor weather. Later, in accordance with the orders given, the PIA aircraft landed at Multan.