PIMS committee summons authorities over Arshad Sharif’s autopsy photos leak

The inquiry committee established to look into the leak of the autopsy images of deceased journalist Arshad Sharif that were broadcast on a TV show on a private media channel has summoned at least a dozen representatives of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

The management of PIMS has also chosen to take Dunya News to task for airing images of the deceased journalist taken during the postmortem at the hospital by contacting the Pakistan Electronic Regulatory Authority (Pemra).

According to local media reports, the two-member inquiry committee headed by Dr. Naveed A. Sheikh summoned officers on November 14 (Monday) at 9:30am in the conference room of the hospital in order to exercise the authority granted by Section 25 of the Civil Servant Ordinance 1973.

Hospital Director Dr. Khalid Masood, Medical Director Dr. S. Hashim Raza, Medical Board Chairman Dr. S.H. Waqar, all members of the Medical Board, Director IT Mohammad Sohail, and Cameraman Medical Board Mohiuddin are among the officers who have been called to appear.

In an alleged case of “mistaken identity,” Arshad Sharif was fatally shot by Kenyan police on October 23 in a suburb of Nairobi.

Several TV outlets reported on Wednesday that Arshad Sharif was shot at close range and subjected to torture after being ordered to exit his car, despite the fact that inquiries into the journalist’s death are still ongoing.


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