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PIMS Director announces to give post-mortem report to Arshad Sharif family but later denied

The statement of the Pakistan Medical Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Director has become a puzzle as he had said on TV that he will provide the post-mortem report to Arshad’s family but upon contact, he has denied it.

The family of slain senior journalist Arshad Sharif has demanded three times for the provision of the post-mortem report from PIMS.

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On the other hand Director, PIMS Khalid Masood claimed in a talk show that the hospital was never contacted by the family of the journalist. He had also said that if the family would have contacted him he would have provided them with the report.

After yesterday’s statement in a talk show, it has emerged in a media report that Arshad’s family had contacted PIMS twice on November 1 and 3 and in the second request a letter was addressed to Khalid Masood.

However, Masood had replied to the letter in writing and had directed the family to contact the police for the death certificate and the court for the post-mortem report. It appears that despite all the things in his knowledge Masood had lied on TV.

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However, the family of Arshad Sharif again contacted Masood after airing the interview but he again refused the request. Upon being reminded about his statement on TV he said that he will take that back.

The family has still not been provided with any post-mortem report although a TV channel had played the graphic images with claims of having the post-mortem report.

Senior journalist and renowned anchorperson Arshad Sharif died on October 23 after he was shot on the outskirts of Nairobi Kenya.



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