Plastic surgeon gives his two cents on Naimal Khawar’s botched plastic surgery

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Naimal Khawar Khan, a popular Pakistani model, actor, and painter, has recently been the subject of discussion due to her apparent plastic surgery. Fans noticed significant changes in her appearance, particularly in her recent brand endorsements for luxurious clothing brands. While some fans loved her new look, others criticized her for undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Despite the speculation and queries from fans, Naimal Khawar Khan chose not to respond directly to the criticism. However, her sister, Fiza Khawar, took it upon herself to address the trolls. The topic of Naimal Khawar’s surgery quickly became a national phenomenon, prompting renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Zia Ul Islam to share his professional insights on the matter. Dr. Zia Ul Islam offered his humble opinion and pointed out some flaws in her surgery.

According to Dr. Zia Ul Islam, “I usually don’t give my views on aesthetics procedures or surgeries but I have to talk about Naimal Khawar because a lot of people are asking about it. Naimal Khawar Khan’s rhinoplasty was done for the right reason as she had a droopy nasal tip which was covering her mouth, the rhinoplasty is done rightly, her nose is looking gorgeous”. He generally refrains from giving his views on aesthetic procedures or surgeries. However, due to the high number of inquiries about Naimal Khawar Khan, he decided to share his knowledge.

However, he also pointed out that she now appeared older than her actual age, attributing it to overfilled and round cheeks. He suggested that she should aim to restore her pretty and youthful look by adjusting the fillers. Dr. Zia Ul Islam agreed with the public opinion that Naimal Khawar Khan had naturally beautiful cheeks.

Whatever cosmetic procedures Khawar went through, it is not justified for fans and haters to bully her. It’s her body and she has every right to change it, if she wills. Becoming a public figure doesn’t strip someone off their right to freedom and personal choice.