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Plea filed in SC seeking inquiry into ‘threatening letter’

Petition says letter may lead to deteriorating law and order, may cause relations with friendly countries to break down

A petition seeking a probe into a “threatening letter” brandished by Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s March 27 rally, which allegedly contains evidence of a foreign conspiracy against his government, was filed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

In the PTI’s rally in Islamabad on Sunday, the premier waved around a piece of paper, claiming it was evidence of an “international conspiracy” to oust his government.

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“Foreign funding is being used to change the government. Money is coming from abroad and people inside the country are being used. Some of them are unaware they are being used and some are intentionally using this money against us,” he had alleged.

However, the opposition has said that PM Khan was utilizing the letter as an excuse to appeal to allies and party dissidents as he faced the no confidence motion in Parliament.

The petitioner said that the matter may lead to law and order situation in the country to deteriorate and develop hatred against friendly countries. He added that immediate action was required to ease the “mental anguish” of the common man caused by the development.



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