PM has discretion regarding army chief appointment, Defence Minister

Picture - source AFP

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said that the Prime Minister has discretion regarding the appointment of the Army Chief but the decision has not yet been made.

Upon a question, if Nawaz Sharif had any role in the appointment of the army chief Khawaja Asif replied that the advice on the appointment of the Army Chief was at the discretion of the Prime Minister and he will decide on the appointment.

Talking to media persons Asif was again asked whether there was no consultation with Nawaz Sharif on this matter on which the Defense Minister said that so far consultations have not been held on the appointment of the Army Chief further saying that these were newspaper reports.

Responding to a question on Imran Khan changing his stance on the US conspiracy the PML-N leader asked if Imran Khan was turning away for the first time. He said that Imran has turned away from everything he has talked about in the last 4 years.

Defence Minister also said that Imran Khan himself did not remember what he was in and what he has said. He further said that PTI Chairman has said yesterday that an FIR has not been registered for his murder. He said that the man does not even know what he has said but if some people were ready to believe his words then it’s their matter.

He said that the federal cabinet was so badly used in the PTI era that sealed envelopes were approved in that time. He said that people have been disgraced on roads while Imran had himself gone to sit in his house.


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