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PM Khan says ‘three stooges’ conspiring with foreign country which sent letter

PM Khan says whole country will see who sold their conscience on Sunday

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the ‘three stooges’ were in collaboration with the foreign conspirators who had sent the threatening letter to Pakistan, and that the voting on the no-confidence motion would be on Sunday.

In his address to the nation today, the premier said that he received a message from United States, pausing before adding that the message was from ‘some foreign country’, wherein the foreign entity spoke about the no-confidence motion. He added that the said entity knew about the no-confidence motion before it was submitted in the National Assembly.

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He said that the foreign country stated that if Imran Khan remained the prime minister, circumstances would worsen for the country.

Citing the foreign country’s statement, the premier further said it stated that as long as Imran Khan remained the prime minister, the relations between that country and Pakistan would not improve.

He added that the most disturbing thing was the fact that the foreign country was in communication with people present here, adding that the internal collaborators were the ‘three stooges’.

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The prime minister stated that these ‘three stooges’ were in favour with this foreign country because they never condemned drone attacks.

PM Khan further said that the vote of no-confidence would be held this Sunday, adding that the whole nation would watch who sold their conscience.

While addressing those he had termed the three stooges and those who had corruption charges against them, he said that the nation would never forgive them for conspiring to dismiss a government which had an independent foreign policy.

The prime minister said that he would fight till the end as he wasn’t someone who gave up.

In the beginning of his address, he said that in my 25 years of politics, I took an oath that I wouldn’t bow to anyone nor would I let the nation bow.

He added, “I have always endorsed an independent foreign policy. Participating in the war on terror was a grave mistake which General Musharraf made.”

He said that America used Pakistan as a scapegoat, and imposed sanctions on the country after the war on terror.

Pakistan sacrificed the most in this war for the US and thousands of tribal folk were killed as collateral damage, he said. “No one expressed gratitude to Pakistan for the sacrifices it made,” he added.



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