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PM Shehbaz departs for Geneva for climate conference

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif made his trip to Geneva on Sunday for the International Conference on Resilient Pakistan. The conference’s goal is to rally support for the nation’s recovery from devastating floods.

The prime minister said on Twitter that he will take advantage of the chance to discuss the plight of flood victims with the world and highlight the actions the government has taken to provide aid and reconstruction.

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He said, “Leaving for Geneva today to co-host the International Conference on Resilient Pakistan along with the UN Secretary-General. Will take the opportunity to present the case of flood victims before the world. I will also throw light on steps my government has taken for relief & rehabilitation.”

An important conference being held by Pakistan and the UN on Monday in Geneva will help mobilize international assistance to aid Pakistan’s people and government in recovering more effectively from the destruction brought on by recent floods.

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In a disaster attributed to climate change, record monsoon rains and melting glaciers last September caused the displacement of 8 million people and the death of at least 1,700 people.

The majority of the floodwaters have now subsided, but the estimated $16.3 billion rehabilitation project to restore millions of homes, thousands of kilometers of roads, and a railway is only getting started. As a result, millions more people risk falling into poverty.


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