PM Shehbaz to announce health insurance program for journalist fraternity

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is slated to introduce a health insurance program designed especially for journalists, according to Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb.

Journalists can easily sign up for this program by completing the form found on the Press Information Department website. As Minister Aurangzeb noted, the registration process has been meant to be digital, assuring transparency.

From the federal budget, the government has allotted a sizable Rs. 1 billion for this program.

The minister commended the government’s proactive steps to address these concerns while sympathetically acknowledging the long-standing problems with journalist pay and health insurance. Notably, the Independent Tribunal for Newspaper

Employees were able to recover an impressive sum of Rs. 110 million with the help of direct payments given to employees in the print media industry.

Regardless of their participation in press clubs, this health insurance program offers benefits to all journalists and media professionals.

In order to ensure that journalists who already receive benefits through the existing PM’s Health Card program are ineligible for the Journalists’ Health Insurance Program, Minister Aurangzeb made it clear that it is distinct from that program.


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