PM Shehbaz urges all political parties to endorse economic charter for country’s interest

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif once again called upon all political parties to come together and reach a consensus on crucial matters related to the economy and democracy to overcome the current crises faced by the country.

During a ceremony in Lahore celebrating Danish School Graduates, the PM emphasized that the progress of the nation would not be hindered if all parties set aside their differences and worked together.

He expressed concern over Pakistan’s dependence on IMF bailout packages despite having significant mineral resources worth trillions of dollars. Compared with India, which hasn’t sought IMF assistance since 1991, the PM lamented the frequent reliance on IMF by Pakistan.

The PM acknowledged that securing an IMF bailout became inevitable to avoid defaulting on debts, but he urged everyone to treat the IMF’s assistance as an opportunity to put the economy on a sustainable growth path.

To improve the country’s situation, the Prime Minister suggested signing a charter of the economy and working collectively on a charter of democracy, calling on all stakeholders to unite and work for the betterment of Pakistan.

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister criticized the performance of the PTI government, accusing it of corruption. He stated that the PML-N had always been at the forefront of significant development projects and promised to restore the true image of Pakistan if his party came to power again through a public mandate in the upcoming general elections.

The PM also questioned the PTI chief Imran Khan’s claims of recovering $300 billion of allegedly looted wealth stashed abroad within ninety days. He cited various corruption cases against the PTI government, including the Rs50 billion recovery scandal, which involved the UK National Crime Agency and the return of the amount to the government exchequer through an out-of-court settlement.

Additionally, the PM mentioned other major corruption cases involving the PTI government, such as the BRT Peshawar, Toshakhana, Malam Jabba, and sugar scams. He condemned the misuse of the national exchequer and accused the PTI government of involvement in these fraudulent activities.