PM Shehbaz urges OIC to call meeting over Turkey earthquake relief plan

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to call an emergency meeting right now to debate and choose a relief plan for the Turkish people.

The prime minister advised the OIC to call a meeting right away so that all Muslim nations may vote on an immediate aid package for Turkey in an interview with Anadolu Agency. He made this recommendation to help the suffering people in the earthquake-stricken nation.

A devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria claimed more than 45,000 lives, left millions homeless, and spurred a tremendous relief effort.

He issued a warning that a similar circumstance can develop elsewhere, thus the international community should take the challenge and work together to aid the earthquake victims.

According to the prime minister, there was no need to pick sides or score points.

The world community needs to step forward and do what it can to aid in the rehabilitation of those affected by the earthquake, he continued.

He asserted that President Erdogan and his team were setting the pace. He claimed they were moving ahead with a sense of purpose, unfazed by the severe weather.

The Turkish people, he continued, have previously struggled for their freedom by giving sacrifices.

After the earthquake, he claimed, he spoke to President Erdogan on the phone and offered his sympathies and whatever Pakistan has to offer for their Turkish relatives.

According to the prime minister, Pakistan has already provided 500 tons of supplies via various commercial flights and Pakistan Air Force aircraft.

He continued by expressing his optimism that Pakistan would be able to contribute 1,700 tons of relief supplies in March and around 1,300 tons by the end of this month.

The prime minister said that the majority of it will be made up of winterized tents and added that he had already ordered its prompt production.

PM Shehbaz praised President Erdogan’s leadership skills and expressed hope that his government will emerge from the crisis. He added that the Pakistani people stood in total solidarity with the Turkish people.

He said that Turkish citizens had likewise given their earthquake victims billions of dollars.