PM unveils ‘Ramazan Package’ for holy month

The Prime Minister on Saturday unveiled the nation’s first “Ramazan Package,” as part of which the people of Islamabad will receive free flour for the holy month.

According to a news release, during the month of Ramadan, residents participating in the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) would get a gift of three 10-kilogram grain sacks. One bag (10 kg) will be given as a gift to each registered customer upon registration, followed by two bags after seven days.

BISP-registered (185,894) families in Islamabad with a PMT-60 or below score can take advantage of the offer, according to Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon.

After producing the authentic National Identification Card, Memon claimed that no One-Time Password (OPT) would be necessary to obtain the flour sack.

He stated that residents can visit the BISP offices to register for the package or they can send their National Identification Card number to 8171 to verify if they meet the requirements for the package.

No compromise would be made on the quality of the free flour, according to DC, who also pledged to oversee its transparent distribution.

The distribution of parcels at several locations, such as G-9 Utility Shop, Golra Point, and Pind Sangrial, was overseen by Assistant Commissioner Saddar, Potohar, Secretariat, and others.


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