PML-N UK’s chief, Dar discuss economy, expats’ issues

The president of the Pakistan Muslim League-(PML-N) Nawaz’s UK wing, Zubair Gull, met with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in Islamabad on Sunday as part of the UK team visiting Pakistan and addressed matters pertaining to the economy and the affairs of Pakistanis living abroad. Ishaq Dar is also the president of the PML-international N’s wing. The finance minister informed Mr Gull that IMF-pressed reforms in certain sectors were in Pakistan’s best interests. He slammed the previous PTI-led administration for “economic damage and misgovernance”.

“It is vital to correct those issues since these improvements are hard but necessary.  The administration would also consult with Pakistanis living abroad on economic policies,” he said. Mr Gull praised Ishaq Dar for his efforts in ensuring Pakistan completed the IMF programme. Following the completion of the review, the country will get a $1.2 billion payout in the form of Special Drawing Rights, according to the finance minister. Gull informed the finance minister that while overseas Pakistanis were concerned about Pakistan’s economic situation, they were eager to assist the government on all fronts. Remittances provided by overseas Pakistanis have always had a significant impact on the economy, accounting for a considerable portion of the current account balance of payments.

The UK wing of the PML-N, led by Mr Gull, has moblised the people in the UK for actively engaging them to work for the development of Pakistan.  A lot of Pakistanis living in the UK are politically active in their native country. Mr. Zubair Gull leads the PML-strong N’s support network in the United Kingdom.

Earlier, Mr Gull met with the prime minister and discussed how to help Pakistanis living overseas and how Pakistan might help them. PM Shehbaz Sharif has been vocal about Pakistanis living abroad making contributions to the country. He understands their difficulties and is appreciative of their assistance.

Mr. Gull has always supported the PML-N and has been an active member in its activities in the UK. He has devoted his life to Nawaz Sharif and his fight for civilian sovereignty in Pakistan. He considers himself a Democrat.