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PML-N workers over the moon after Shehbaz elected PM

PML-N MPAs says ‘messiah’ of Punjab has become prime minister of Pakistan

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers were over the moon on Monday after Shehbaz Sharif was elected the 23rd prime minister of Pakistan.

Sharif, who is also the PML-N president, received 174 votes in the National Assembly.
Soon after his election, PML-N workers took to the streets to celebrate the victory of their leader.

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A large number of workers were seen celebrating near the Bhati Gate inside Lahore’s walled city area that has been a stronghold of the Sharifs for the last three decades. They distributed sweets among the people and danced to drumbeats. Fireworks were also seen in different areas of the provincial capital.

Members of Provincial Assembly belonging to PML-N celebrated the victory of their leader at a local hotel where they had been residing for the last few days. They chanted slogans as they watched the NA proceedings to elect the leader of the house on their television screens.

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Celebrations were also arranged at the office of MPA Ghazali Saleem Butt. MPA Rana Mashhood arranged celebrations at his office in PP-152.

“You will soon see that the people will get relief in the days to come,” said MPA Rana Mashhood while speaking to PML-N workers at his office.

He termed the resignations of PTI members from the National Assembly a political blunder and said that by-elections will be held on vacant seats.

“The messiah of Punjab has become the prime minister of Pakistan and people will soon get relief from inflation, poverty and unemployment,” said MPA Khawaja Imran Nazir.

He was of the view that the rupee strengthened against the dollar in just two days and it was a very good sign for the economy of Pakistan. He further added that soon Hamza Shehbaz would also take oath as the chief minister of Punjab.

He also lauded PML-N workers for remaining steadfast during testing times in the last three years. “The loyal workers are an asset of the party and their sacrifices will always be remembered,” he said.



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