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Police ‘arrest’ PTI leader’s pre-teen son

To stop the long march of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to Islamabad, the Faisalabad district police launched a crackdown in different areas and allegedly arrested a local PTI leader’s 10-year-old son.

Raids were carried out on the houses of former provincial minister Khayal Castro, former special assistant Malik Omar Farooq, members of National and Provincial Assembly Faizullah Kamuka, Latif Nazar and Shakeel Shahid. Raids were carried out at the houses and camps of former MPAs Dr. Nisar Jutt and Rana Aftab Ahmed, however, no important leader of the local PTI leadership could be arrested. Meanwhile, Jhumra police arrested PTI leader Luqman Chaudhry’s 10-year-old son from his house.

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Later, Luqman Chaudhry released a video statement in which he blamed Rana Sanaullah for the incident. Similarly, the house of Chairman Market Committee Mirza Arshad Baig in Jaranwala was also raided by the police but he too escaped arrest as he was not present in the house. Reacting to the raid, he said that the sanctity of the ‘chador’ and the four walls had been violated. In this regard, the police spokesman clarified that the police did not arrest the 10-year-old son of Luqman Chaudhry in Jhumra and that this was propaganda.

Faisalabad police also raided the homes of ordinary citizens under the guise of arresting PTI workers in which police raided the house of Chaudhry Shafiq Anjum, President and Chairman Flour Mills Association of Faisalabad Chamber of Small Traders Industry. Police arrested his brother Chaudhry Shahid Rasool in the absence of Chaudhry Shafiq Anjum and transferred him to Ghulam Muhammadabad police station. In this regard, Chaudhry Shafiq Anjum said that Ghulam Muhammadabad Police Station has intensified its policing.

“My brother and I have nothing to do with any political party,” he added. Honorable citizens are being harassed by the police. Chaudhry Shahid Rasool has been detained by the police at Ghulam Muhammadabad police station since 6:00am. Faisalabad Chamber of Small Traders Industry and Flour Mills Association has strongly condemned the arrest of Chaudhry Shafiq Anjum’s brother.

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Faisalabad police also deployed heavy personnel at all interchanges of motorways adjoining the district. At all interchanges, 2,200 police will be on duty with armed and security equipment and this duty will be given 24 hours for which duty roster has been issued. There are also reports that the motorway has been closed to any traffic. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Lawyers Wing staged a protest against the arrests of local leaders and activists led by Gohar Baloch, President of Lawyers Wing. They chanted slogans against the police and the government on the occasion; police officials held talks with them and assured to release the arrested workers.



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