Police arrested two Ghazi University professors in student rape case

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Two professors at the Ghazi University have been detained by Gaddai police as suspects in a student rape case, and Taunsa police have opened a second case against the suspects after receiving a report from the father of the victim girl that the suspects had threatened him with legal action if he filed a case against them.

The girl’s father had complained to the Saddar Police Station in Taunsa that the rape suspects had threatened him with death and asked him to get his daughter to drop the FIR.

The complainant claims that the Physics Department’s two professors threatened to kill him if the rape case against them was not dropped.

The girl belonged to Taunsa, hence a case number under Section 506-B has been registered with Taunsa Saddar in response to his allegation.

On the other side, the lack of a syndicate committee and the administration of Ghazi University’s reported insensitivity to sexual harassment allegations have endangered the university’s reputation.

On February 4, 2023, the Physics Department students reported two teachers who ultimately turned out to be suspects in the rape case to the Pakistan Citizen Portal for harassing them.

In response, a committee of investigation was established, led by Dr. Nadeem Akhtar, who is now on leave from Pakistan. Dr. Saadullah Leghari, a committee member, claimed that Dr. Akhtar had written a “all-good” report without performing an investigation and requested him to sign it. The report was submitted to the portal without Dr. Leghari’s signature since he refused to sign it.

The local press was informed of the female student’s later filing of a written rape accusation against the two instructors.