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Police claims crime declined in Lahore

Capital City Police Officer Lahore Additional IG Fayyaz Ahmad Dev has said that Lahore Police has introduced innovative operational strategies, effective mechanisms and institutional reforms to enhance the capacity building of its force so as to control crime and maintain peace in the city.

Dev said due to the citizen-centric smart e-policing of Lahore Police, the last three months of this year remained peaceful in context of the overall law and order and security situation. He reiterated his resolve to make all-out efforts, including preemptive and preventive measures to control crime and serve humanity with more dedication and zeal, using smart and community-based policing as key factors to meet the ongoing challenges of new trends of crimes.

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Lahore Police has issued facts and figures regarding its performance for the eradication of crime during the last three months of the year. Accordingly, Lahore Police retrieved lands and properties of more than 130 citizens comprising more than 505 kanals area worth Rs8.89 billion during this year. Police arrested as many as 14,602 criminals and law breakers for different crimes and violations during the first three months of the present year.

Lahore Police arrested 648 members of 253 active dacoit gangs and recovered cash and valuables worth more than Rs27 crores and 24 lakhs from them. Police recovered 25 cars, 1,123 motorcycles, 46 other vehicles, 14 laptops and 843 mobile phones from the criminals. During the grand action against illegal weapons in the city, Lahore Police arrested 1,214 criminals and 1,207 cases were registered against them in different police stations of the city.

Police recovered five Kalashnikovs, 90 rifles, 41 guns, 1,007 pistols, one carbine, seven revolvers and more than six thousand bullets from these criminals. During action against drug peddlers, police arrested as many as 1,973 criminals and registered 1,939 FIRs against them during the last three months and recovered from them more than 19 kg heroin, more than 843 kg charas, more than three kilograms of ICE, 50 kg opium and 13,815 litres of liquor.

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Similarly, Lahore Police arrested 1,119 criminals involved in gambling and registered 237 cases against them while recovering more than Rs2.3 million as gambling money from them. Moreover, 463 proclaimed offenders of A category, 2,552 POs of B category, 1,305 targeted offenders whereas 3,631 court absconders were arrested during this year.



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