Police rescue four hostages including SHO from Katcha dacoits

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Police rescued four hostages, including SHO Kashmore Gul Mohammad and two policemen, from Katcha area.

Four days ago, SHO Kashmore Gul Mohammad and policemen were abducted from Kashmore, but the police have recovered four hostages including SHO Kashmore and two personnel in an operation in Katcha area of Shikarpur.

Yesterday, the police authorities decided to arrest Sardar Teghu Khan, the head of the Teghani tribe, to recover the policemen.

SSP Irfan Samoon said that the police have reached Garhi Teghu for the recovery of the personnel, while the entry and exit points of Garhi Teghu have been sealed.

SSP Irfan Sammu had said that either release the hostages or Sardar Teghu will be arrested.