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Political environment not so good for Pakistanis

"Horses of present politics and horse traders have done one thing wonderful. They have shown the ugliest face of themselves and of our present system"

After a long hue and cry, wheeling and dealing, and the no-confidence movement, the fate of our politics and politicians is yet in the doldrums. Opposition is claiming to get the support of increasing numbers of members of the parliament, and Prime Minister Imran Khan has called his followers to reach Islamabad once again and see the faces of those who have left him for ‘money’ or ‘ministry’. He has asked to recognize the faces of these people. He labeled them as ‘traitors’ and said that the nation will never forgive them. Before this, Imran Khan has labeled the no-confidence movement as a part of the ‘international conspiracy’, for which newly-appointed Law Minister Fawad Chaudhry, as a first step, has appointed a commission to probe what persons and personalities are part of it. On the other hand, the opposition has also invited its workers and guards to Islamabad to safely take their members to the parliament for casting their no-trust votes. These steps, showing doubts on each-others’ intentions about the voting day, have tensed the political environment and it has taken a very dangerous turn.

Sympathizers of both sides are not happy with the ruthless attitude of their leaders. Leaving the political activists aside, the apprehensions of common Pakistanis have very sound grounds. They are genuinely worried about the new federal and provincial political environment. Imran Khan’s faction especially is of the opinion that the opposition is a ‘gang of plunderers’ who will establish a rule of corruption and disruption in the country. Imran Khan’s claim of being threatened by a ‘foreign power’ and his labeling of his opponents as ‘traitors’ have changed the mode of the blame game. In this grave situation, we see desire of powerful people to cool down the parties and reach some amicable solution to the problem, it was told in a TV interview by the prime minister himself that the powerful establishment has given him three options to end the ongoing political turmoil. They are: face a no-trust vote, hold fresh elections, or step down.

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He said that early elections are the best solution. Imran Khan said that he could not think of resigning and for the no-trust motion, he will fight till the last minute. He also mentioned ‘foreign conspiracy’ which, according to him, is being hatched in London. On the other hand, in a press meeting, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed was showing his satisfaction in tackling the peace and discipline matters on the occasion of the OIC Foreign Ministers Conference and on the occasion of the opposition’s long march and public rallies of the opposition and the government party in different cities, including Islamabad. He told that now the rangers and extra contingents of the police force have been sent back on their normal duties. But he didn’t mention anything about managing the expected huge gatherings and power shows in Islamabad from both government and opposition.

If some agreement on early elections is there, that is wonderful, but if these Sunday crowds are taken lightly so much wrong can occur. Realizing the stringent duties of an interior minister, after things happen will certainly not be taken in a good sense. The first thing, on this occasion, is to defuse the tension. If we keep our home clean and peaceful no power of the world can disrupt and harm us. The wrong side of our people is that they can easily be made emotionally blind to any extent. If the government and the opposition parties are bound to their power shows outside of the parliament and if after the no-trust motion there are no hopes for any strong and trustworthy government and a good majority of the people doubt the loyalty of the parliamentarians who couldn’t be loyal to their party by involving themselves in the dirty game of horse-trading and betrayed the people’s trust in themselves, then, for washing the dirt of the present politics, at least, a new election is a must.

Horses of the present politics and horse traders have done one thing wonderful. They have shown the ugliest face of themselves and of our present system. They themselves and everyone else want to see such faces washed. Imran Khan has lost a number game, whether because of any conspiracy against the country or opposition’s unity, or offers of crores of rupees and ministries to the horses. On the other hand, if not in any conspiracy, at least the opposition is clearly involved in the worst practice of so-called democracy and purchasing the vote of the parliament members only for their power’s lust, which has distorted the opposition’s image. In short, both sides need to take some rest and then clean themselves with the bath of fair and neat elections. Imran Khan has selected the best option from the three suggested to him. In the present muddled environment, it might not be difficult for the opposition also to go to the elections in place of horse-trading.



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