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Political heat needs to cool down

'The questions put by Imran Khan and the mistrust shown in some public servants are because he considers himself a voice of the overwhelming majority of the people. But he must avoid directing his signs to important institutions.'

With music or without music, our politics has not created an overall good impression in the minds of the public. It doesn’t matter who is very cunning and who is playing foul. People are worried about the future of the country. Powerful institutions are pivotal and are the strength of the country. Our ultimate hopes lie with the higher courts. People love our army, air force, and navy. We are proud of our martyrs. Nature has given us mineral resources, agricultural lands, rivers, lakes, valleys, and oceans. We have the fifth-strongest armed forces in the world. They have experienced all types of war, including terrorism and fifth-generation war, and have their eyes on changing world trends. We are proud of them and want to see all the important institutions of the country stronger and more flawless. We are a democracy-loving nation. We believe that democracy should be given a free opportunity to be practised in the country. We have a desire that in the constitution more and more effective representation should be given to the downtrodden factions of society, and that all factions should have effective representation in the parliament and services. We want reforms in our judicial system to impart fair and early justice to everyone. True or wrong, we don’t want to listen to stories of conspiracies against governments and the honour and interests of the country.

The simple and brave people of the country love everything in the country and wish for the success of all the national institutions. Nevertheless, poor and hungry people always think about the injustices done to them by the elite classes who are plundering the country and taking piles of wealth abroad, thus making the lives of the poor even worse. Besides such permanent agonies, Pakistani people are always kept at risk of their survival and their routine life activities. Currently, we are experiencing vast devastation from floods in Baluchistan, Sindh, and South Punjab. Political leaders had photo sessions and issued statements showing sympathy for the flood victims, but the question is how many political workers are there in the field to help in rescue activities. It is only the army and other armed forces that are working for rescue purposes. Even after the allocation of billions of rupees, food and shelter, support for affected people is not seen in the affected areas. Politicians and their followers are busy with politics only. Presently, their blame game has become very harsh and dangerous. The federal government is doing many things which are not only necessary as their official responsibilities but only because their heads are hot with revenge.

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The questions put by Imran Khan and the mistrust shown in some public servants are because he considers himself a voice of the overwhelming majority of the people. But he must avoid directing his signs to important institutions. If seventy percent of people are with Imran Khan, he must keep in mind that a hundred percent are with our beloved armed forces. If politicians in government or opposition feel something is wrong with some office-bearers of important national institutions, it is better to talk personally with them. Revengeful actions by the government are always abhorred. Jealously pursuing someone’s popularity cannot be accepted by any faction of society. Only the dwarfs of the political field can show it.

Is there anyone, powerful, or powerless, who can set the nation on the right path? No one can show care to the ones who have got the people’s support and following.  Wise people know very well how to approach conflicting groups and how the political process is set on the right path. It is only egos from different sides that hinder the way of tackling things out of the box. There are two ways to settle the issue. The traditional way through which power is also used to put the political process out of the danger zone. Secondly, one can stick to the constitution and rules. Democracy is the soul of our system. Political powers are not ignored in national affairs. Power is given to the majority, and the ruling party cannot ignore the national consensus on issues. Its people are more careful about the constitution, laws, and rules, and people will. They must not make the law a toy in their hand and should not try to become overly smart in twisting the law according to their wishes. The law and rules are not jabs and traps to hook opponents. Laws are for the welfare of the people, and the people are not for laws. People are smelling some very grave outcomes from the present politics of our country, and they are looking at the hands of all responsible and effective higher-ups for a solution.

Ousting any popular politician from politics will certainly have dire consequences. Delaying general elections will in no way be a wise decision. If the present rulers of the Federation think that after finishing all the cases against them, finishing Imran Khan’s politics is also necessary for their rule, it is their childish desire which can have devastating effects on all the nation. Creating maximum difficulties for the general public will not break their determination to get their country free from all sorts of tyranny and deprivation. Now the heat of politics needs to cool down and all players must realise the ground realities and come to the table to resolve controversies.



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