Political instability will have detrimental impact on Pakistan’s fragile economy: FAFEN

Despite electoral changes promises in Supreme Court no headway on voting rights, EVMs made, report

Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has advised the political parties to work together putting aside the differences or the political instability will have a detrimental impact on an already fragile economy.

Constitutional general elections are scheduled to take place on October 11 of this year, in accordance with a statement released by FAFEN. During the ensuing seven months political parties should get to work right away on reaching an agreement on significant electoral changes, the report stated.

FAFEN stated that political parties should hold immediate talks to strengthen the country’s legal system because if they do not put aside their differences and work together the country will continue to experience political instability which will have a detrimental impact on the already fragile economy.

FAFEN has urged the political parties to make changes to the electoral system for transparent elections in the final seven months before the vote and to create a multi-party committee made up of senators and members of the National Assembly similar to what was done in 2014 to ensure political stability following the vote.

FAFEN added that despite promises of electoral changes made in the Supreme Court case involving the deputy speaker the government has not yet made any headway on the voting rights and EVMs of Pakistanis living abroad.

While women only make up 27 percent of the districts on designated seats in national and provincial assemblies, FAFEN has claimed that Overseas Pakistanis and residents in distant parts of the country can be granted the right to vote by postal ballot.