Political parties slam interim govt over petrol price hike

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Political parties have strongly criticized the interim government for the significant surge in gasoline prices, expressing concerns that this move will further burden the already struggling population grappling with widespread inflation and diminished purchasing power.

Gasoline and diesel prices have reached unprecedented levels following the government’s decision to raise them by Rs26.02 and Rs17.34 per liter, respectively, on Friday.

The ruling PTI party led the criticism, accusing the government of what appears to be “an attempt to incite civil unrest in the country.” They argued that the public has already suffered due to soaring inflation and that this price hike is “a harsh blow to the poverty-stricken citizens who are already facing skyrocketing prices of essential goods.”

The PTI spokesperson urged the interim government to abandon its callous approach of penalizing the inflation-affected masses for their own economic policy failures, suggesting that the fuel price increase might be part of a larger plan to provoke civil conflict.

Furthermore, they stated that the caretaker government is essentially a continuation of the previous government in many aspects and expressed disappointment that the interim Prime Minister did not choose a more compassionate approach to alleviate public suffering.

Jamaat-i-Islami leader Sirajul Haq also criticized the government for the price hike, alleging that it was done under the instructions of the IMF. He called upon the public to join protests organized by his party to pressure the government to reverse the price increase.

Sardar Abdul Rahim of the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) also rejected the petroleum price increase, linking it to the IMF agreement made during the previous government’s tenure.

The Istehkam-i-Pakistan Party’s Secretary, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, condemned the price hike as unacceptable, emphasizing that the caretaker government should focus on providing relief to the people instead. She added that her party’s manifesto for the upcoming general elections would present solutions to address the challenges faced by the population.


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