Potential jail time for Imran if convicted in cipher case

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    Federal Law Minister Nazir Tarar has announced that the Cyphir issue is currently under investigation, and a crucial decision awaits regarding whether it will lead to criminal proceedings. This decision comes in light of the statements made by former Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary, Azam Khan, and Imran Khan’s response.

    Addressing the media during a press conference in Islamabad on Thursday, Minister Tarar emphasized the responsibility shown by the Pakistan government, as they referred the cypher issue to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Imran Khan will be probed on July 25.

    Excitingly, new witnesses have come forward, and Azam Khan’s statement indicates that the former Prime Minister used Cyphir for specific purposes, as revealed by Tarar.

    The Law Minister further criticized Imran Khan, stating that the pursuit of personal interests compromised national welfare. “When the former Prime Minister was asked, he even challenged his summons in the Lahore High Court,” added Tarar.

    Nazir Tarar highlighted the sensitive nature of the documents, stating they cannot be made public. Mistreatment of such documents could result in up to two years of imprisonment while using them for political gain could carry a sentence of up to 14 years.

    Moreover, the witness recorded a statement under Section 164 before the magistrate, confirming the involvement of Cyphir in composing the statement. Tarar assured that the investigations will be conducted impartially.

    On the subject of civilian trials under the Army Act, Minister Tarar revealed that such trials have been ongoing for five and a half years.