Power of social media 

A move to utilize a social media app for creating awareness about Covid-19 is a novel practice adopted by the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination and needs to be welcomed. Nowadays, social media serves as a powerful tool for people and movements to share their stories and creating awareness about different social issues. Social media offers a firsthand account of the biggest issues facing the world today from those directly impacted. As a result, increasing awareness of an issue is where social media can have the greatest impact. Its use at the government level can equally yield good results.

Pakistan is counted among the countries where social media is penetrating at a rapid pace. Different app like instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and Tiktok are very popular especially among the youth. Users turn to these apps to entertain themselves and spend their leisure time. The misuse of these apps has led the government to ban certain apps on different occasions. The spreading of immoral content and the incidents of committing fraud with users are rampant. However, the positive use of these apps is equally important as it can play a crucial role in creating awareness about social issues. The use of use of Tiktok, which is a popular app among the youth, can play an important role in dissemination of information about the deadly pandemic of Covid-19.

Many lives still can be saved by creating awareness about the implications associated with the pandemic and importance of vaccination as a preventive measure. More such efforts should be encouraged by the general public by participating in awareness campaign on the social media that can lead to highlighting other such issues creating problems in society.


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