PPP and PML-N will soon square off, says AML chief Sheikh Rashid

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Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the leader of the Awami Muslim League and a former interior minister, claimed on Sunday that the new budget was part of a plan to cause issues for the incoming administration.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed claimed in a statement on the social media platform Twitter that Shehbaz Sharif acknowledged his failure but laid the groundwork for the next administration. Shehbaz spoke with the IMF chief for an hour, but nothing came of it.

He claimed that Saudi Arabia’s and the UAE’s assistance was still uncertain. He continued that there were numerous parties vying for access to positions of authority. “PDM is disintegrating. Dawn Leaks, Memogate, and the Panama Papers are the true assets of the PML-N and PPP, according to the AML chairman.

According to the former minister, people who switch political parties and faces did so in a hurry.

He warned that if the election were manipulated, the populace would react violently. How will the government manage its 14 trillion dollar budget and close its 7 trillion dollar deficit? How will the government make such a large amount of money if the factories are not operating? He enquired.

He claimed that the government had added Rs 2,000 in tax to the fan intended for the needy. According to Mr. Rashid, 100 million people now live in poverty. “If transparent elections are held, the confidence of investors will be restored, and exports will increase,” he continued.