PPP MPA denies granite extraction from Karoonjhar hills

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KARACHI: Mr. Qasim Siraj Soomro, the PPP MPA from Nagar parkar has made it clear that they had no plans to allow granite extraction from Karoonjhar hills.

Talking to the media persons along with Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon the PPP lawmaker said that they were trying their best to bring the agricultural revolution in the Parkar region by constructing small dams to store rainwater. He informed as many as 38 small dams had been completed where rainwater was being stored both for drinking and crop cultivation purposes and eight such projects were under construction. He said that with the construction of such small dams, several thousand acres of the lands of the region were being brought under crop cultivation, which would bring the green revolution to the lives of the people of his constituency and would greatly help them to cope with food looming threats of food insecurity.

The PPP MPA Soomro said that with the launching of such projects in the desert district, the entire region was fast transforming. He again assured that they would never allow any kind of granite extraction and mining in the region. After this tenders invited for the open auctioning off leases had already been canceled by the high-ups of Sindh Mines. Minerals Department on the directions of top PPP leadership and Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah adding he requested the political opponents to stop making false claims to gain cheap political popularity.

He said that not only high-ups of the Sindh government were trying to preserve and protect the wildlife sanctuaries, and Ramsfar Sites of the region but some international agencies had been properly requested by them to help them protect and preserve the historical sites of the region. Mr. Soomro said that no mining company was given any lease to extract granite from any point of Karoonjhar Hills. PPP was forced to stop doing politics in the Karoonjhar Hills.

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