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PPP MPA Heer Suho becomes first woman to be installed as chieftain of her tribe

Tribal elders vote unanimously to select Suho as tribe chieftain

For the first time in Sindh’s history, a woman is set to become the chieftain of her tribe. According to the information gathered by Minute Mirror, the elders of the Suho tribe have unanimously decided to select Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Heer Suho as the chieftain of their tribe.

The decision was made by the tribe’s top leadership at a meeting held on Tuesday evening, presided over by the spiritual leader of the tribe Saen Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad Soho Mehmoodi Qadri, who has significant influence among the religious and political circles of the province.

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The decision is termed as historic as it will play a crucial role towards women empowerment, especially in the underprivileged areas of Sindh province.

This appointment has been warmly received by the religious groups of the tribe as they have not raised any objection to the decision. Sources privy to the meeting said Hafiz Soho would perform the first round of turban-tying and other Soho elders would perform one round each to complete the tribal custom.

Prior to Heer Suho, her father Muhammad Ismail Suho was the chieftain of the Suho tribe who died some time ago after a brief illness. Ismail was known for his courageous decisions and a spotless political career for the betterment of his tribe.

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As per the family sources, Ismail Suho had also named his daughter as the chieftain of the tribe in his will as well.

Speaking to Minute Mirror, MPA Suho said that her elders had put a heavy responsibility of leading their community on her shoulders. She said that she would work to live up to their expectations and dedicate herself to the social uplift of her tribe.

Heer Soho, was born in Mirpur Bathoro town and was elected as a member of Sindh Assembly during the 2003 elections on a reserved seat on the ticket of MQM. She joined PPP after developing differences with the MQM-P leadership. She was elected as an MPA on the PPP’s reserved seats for women in 2018.



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