Preity Zinta opens up about personal space invasion

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Recently Indian actress Preity Zinta opened up about two incidents of harassment and asked people to stop invading her personal space.

Kul Ho Na Ho actress took to Instagram and shared that recently a woman clicked pictures of her daughter Gia without her consent and dropped a big wet kiss on her cheek. She also opened up about another incident in which a man in a wheelchair was constantly trying to stop her and was asking for money.

She expressed about these two incidents that her children are not part of any package and they are not meant to be preyed on. She asked people to leave her kids and don’t come to them for photos or touch them. She further added that they are infants and need to be treated like infants, not celebrities.

Celebrities also came out in her support. Hrithik Roshan commented “Well done Pree” while Arjun Rampal wrote, “Next time give me a call will sort them out.” Priyanka Chopra also dropped emojis of a person raising both hands in celebration, face with open mouth and clapping hands emoji.

Her fans also supported her viewpoint. One of her followers wrote that it is horrible to hear that someone tried to grab her daughter and no humanity is left. Another follower wrote that this is purely harassment and hats off to her for how she carries herself.