Preparations for major crackdown against drug dealers in Karachi’s educational institutions

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    Preparations for a significant crackdown against drug dealers in Karachi’s educational institutions have been initiated for the first time. To take action against drug sellers, educational institutions have compiled lists based on district divisions, identifying those involved in the sale and supply of narcotics. The lists include details and mobile numbers of individuals engaged in drug peddling and supply, along with the criminal records from the office of the Criminal Records Bureau linked to many of these drug dealers.

    According to the report prepared against drug dealing in Karachi’s educational institutions, there are active groups of drug dealers in the educational institutions of the southern district. Around the educational institutions in Malir, three major groups are operating, while in Korangi, a family is involved in supplying narcotics from houses located near government schools.

    The report also revealed that there are three significant groups operating in both government and private educational institutions in Lyari. In the central district, five groups are involved in drug peddling around educational institutions, and in the eastern district, more than 30 groups provide narcotics to groups of students, both male and female.

    To conduct a comprehensive operation against drug dealers and suppliers throughout the province, a crucial meeting of the police has been scheduled for Friday.

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