President, PM call for labourers’ rights, express gratitude on May 1

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President Dr. Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif expressed their gratitude for the labourers’ hard work on International Labour Day and emphasized the need of upholding their rights.

In a statement, President Arif Alvi said that the celebration of Labour Day is an occasion to reaffirm our commitment to protecting the dignity of labour and honouring the brave fight that workers have waged for their fundamental rights.

The President went on to say that because the worker force is the foundation of our economy, it is critical to protect their rights by strictly implementing labour laws and opposing unfair employment practices.

Additionally, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reaffirmed the government’s commitment to enhancing workers’ welfare by providing better housing, educational opportunities, and healthcare options.

The administration increased the minimum monthly pay of workers from Rs17,500 to Rs25,000 “despite high inflation rates and other economic challenges,” the PM remarked.

The government, according to the prime minister, has started skill-building and vocational training programmes to enable employees to claim their legitimate positions in local, national, and worldwide labour markets.

It is important to note that May Day, also known as Labour Day, is observed on May 1 every year as a day to commemorate and recognize the contributions of labourers and employees to society.

Because it honours the struggles and sacrifices made by workers who fought for their rights and dignity, the day is particularly significant.

People from all walks of life get together on this day to express their support for the labour force and to emphasize the significance of treating workers fairly and protecting their rights.