President’s tweet matter reaches Supreme Court

Petition filed in apex court seeking suspension of implementation of Army Act, Official Secrets Amendment Act

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Advocate Zulfiqar Bhatta has requested the Supreme Court to direct the federal government to take guidance from the Supreme Court within 10 days, and suspend the implementation of the Army Act and the Official Secrets Amendment Laws till the decision.

The matter of President Arif’s tweet has reached the Supreme Court, and a petition has been filed on behalf of Advocate Zulfiqar Bhatta, in which the president’s statement has been made a stand and requested to stop the implementation of the Army Act and the Official Secret Amendment Laws.

It has been argued in the petition that the President says that the two amendment bills have not been approved, after his statement; there has been a crisis situation in the country.

The petition said that there is a possibility that the legal proceedings under the amended laws will not be sustained; it is also likely that the accused of these laws will be acquitted; the legislation of dubious nature is contrary to Article 4 of the Constitution.

It has been requested in the petition that the federal government should be directed to take guidance from the Supreme Court within 10 days.

On Sunday, President Arif Alvi had denied signing the Official Secrets Amendment Bill and the Pakistan Army Amendment Bill, saying that I disagree with these laws, I asked the staff to send the bill back, but he disobeyed the order.

President Arif Alvi had written a letter to Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary Syed Tauqeer Hussain Shah demanding that his Principal Secretary Waqar Ahmed be removed and Humaira Ahmed should be made secretary.

The President said that he no longer needed the services of Waqar Ahmed and these services were immediately handed over to the Establishment Division.