Prince Harry: First royal person to go to court in 130 years

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The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry has become the first person from the Royal family to go to court in 130 years.

Prince Harry is expected to appear before the London High Court today as a witness, becoming the first person in the British royal family to appear before the court since 1890.

It is unusual for a British royal family person to appear before the court because it will be the first time in nearly 130 years that a person from the royal family will appear before the court in such a case.

During the 19th century, Queen Victoria’s eldest son, Prince of Wales Albert Edward VII, appeared before the court in two cases.

The first case was to testify in a divorce case, while the second case was related to fraud while playing cards.

Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, also appeared in court when her pet dog attacked two children.

According to the report, both appearances and cases were very short and different, but now Lady Diana’s son Prince Harry is appearing in a completely different type of case.

Earlier, the judge of the case, Justice Fencourt, said he was a bit surprised to hear that Prince Harry would not appear in court on Monday.

He had earlier directed that witnesses should be available on the first day of the individual case if it was time to testify.

Harry’s barrister told the London High Court that no aspect of his youth is immune to press interference, citing stories about his relationship with Chelsea Dewey published in Mummer.

According to the BBC, Duke claimed that journalists from The Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) used illegal methods, including phone hacking, to collect information.

MGN denied phone hacking in the case.

Andrew Green KC for MGN accused the prince of “wasting time”, and said it was “absolutely unusual that we were told last week that he was not available for the first day of his trial”.